Scrub-A-Can will clean and sanitize your trash container once a month right at your curbside. One of our trained service technicians will scrub your container leaving it sanitized and deodorized. We will also return your container by the garage, side of your house or anywhere we can have reasonable access to without having to walk into an enclosure.

  • Thanks to Scrub-A-Can, your trash containers will be cleaned, deodorized and sanitized for you!
  • Scrub-A-Can will kill growing bacteria such as: E Coli, germs, foul odors, pests, salmonella, bothersome flies, bees and other pesky insects including maggot larvae.
  • We will also help you improve your communities environment by removing the waste water used for scrubbing your can, cart or container.
  • No more dirty water or harmful chemicals going into our storm water systems, decreasing your exposure to bacteria which can cause sickness and disease.

Note: Bagged debris will be removed for service, non-bagged material will not be handled.​