We offer both a one-off service as well as a regular, timetabled one.

We also provide professional commercial garbage can cleaning services to a range of businesses in Kentucky. We offer competitive rates to commercial clients looking for regular cleaning.

You don’t need us to tell you that your garbage can is filthy and, unfortunately, there’s no way of avoiding them all together. Whether you’re putting the trash out or taking the cans to the curb, you’re going to be touching them eventually. Plus, the smell can waft and seep indoors. The bacteria aren’t just bad for your nose either! The harmful bacteria found in trashcans can make you and your family incredibly ill. Instead of just accepting the smelling, rotting reality of your garbage cans, take charge and leave them in much better condition with our cleaning service. We’ll come to you in order to clean and sanitize your bins. We’re self-contained too, which means you don’t have to worry about any nasty water going down your drain and causing any smells or issues. Simply leave your trashcan on the curb as usual and we’ll do the rest!

We believe the entrance of your home or business should be as inviting as you are. This is why we offer our powerwashing service. Using the latest High-Pressure equipment, we can ensure your entryway, driveway, patio, the building or anything in between looks its best. In most cases our pressure-washing and soft washing jobs can be completed from ground level removing costs off access equipment and scaffolding.

Our Services Include but are not Limited to:


Scrub-A-Can will clean and sanitize your trash container once a month right at your curbside. One of our trained service technicians will scrub your container leaving it sanitized and deodorized. We...

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Media blasting is a process that uses pressurized air to shoot pieces of an abrasive material (known as blasting media) out of a nozzle. The force of the blasting media can strip paint, rust,...

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Residential and Commercial. We clean vinyl and aluminum siding to remove the algae and mold with an efficient low-pressurized washing system.

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